AVA 2021 Award: Winners and Commendations

The EASA’s Age and Generations Network (AGENET), together with EASA’s Visual Anthropology Network (VANEASA) as well as the Association for Gerontology, Aging and the Life Course (AAGE), joint by the AVA 2021 Organizing Committee and the Board of Judges with great pleasure announce the winners of the inaugural edition of the Ageing and Visual Anthropology Award (AVA 2021 Award).

The Ageing and Visual Anthropology Award (AVA 2021) is for the best anthropological works which through the employment of visual methods address the issues surrounding aging and the life course in creative ways, offering new modes of engagement and understanding. The 2021 edition has been financially sponsored by the EASA funds for Network Activities.

The image is the still from Jón Bjarki Magnússon’s film Half Elf (AVA 2021 Commendation)

Winners of the inaugural 2021 edition (click on each title to read more):


Winner (ex aequo): ben jij bij mij/are you with me (by Mark Lindenberg and Sophia van Ghesel Grothe)

Winner (ex aequo): This is My Face: What lies inside a journey with HIV (by Angélica Cabezas Pino)

Commendation: Half Elf (by Jón Bjarki Magnússon)

Commendation: Kashi Labh (by Rajat Nayyar)

Commendation: Let me hug you! (by Julian David Loaiza Pineda)


Winner: Discoveries – ASSA Project (by ASSA Team)

High Commendation: The Resemblage Project (by Andrea Charise and the Team)

Commendation: Ageing (Im)mobilities and Imagination: The story of Avó Marta caring for family across borders (by Victoria Sakti and Alvaro Martinez)

Commendation: Breaking Tezcatlipoca (by José Sherwood González)

AVA 2021 Organizing Committee: Barbara Pieta (AVA 2021 Coordinator) (Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology), with Jay Sokolovsky (University of South Florida), Matthew Lariviere (University of Bristol), Aaron Seaman (University of Iowa), Jason Danely (Oxford Brooks University)

AVA 2021 Jury Board: Beate Engelbrecht (University of Göttingen/ German International Ethnographic Film Festival), Felicia Hughes-Freeland (SOAS/ AnthroVision Vaneasa Online Journal), Matthew Lariviere (University of Bristol), Aaron Seaman (University of Iowa), Verónica Sousa (University of Lisbon), Jay Sokolovsky (University of South Florida)

Thanks to Paolo Favero (University of Antwerp/VANEASA) and Angela de Souza Torresan (University of Manchester/Granada Center for Visual Anthropology/VANEASA) for organizational support, and to Swetlana Torno (University of Heidelberg) for web-editing.