AGENET Working Team: Call for (Self)-Nominations

Three exciting calls are now open – we are looking for new AGENET Convenors, AGENET Social Media Coordinators and AGENET web editors. Please send us your nominations (or self-nominations) for any of these roles by 15th July! All details below.

AGENET CO-CONVENORS – Call for (self-)nominations
Matthew and I have been honoured to act as co-convenors of AGENET since our election at EASA 2020 Conference. As our terms come to an end, we would like to invite all members to nominate or self-nominate to fill this role and continue the success of our network. Please email your (self-) nominations to Matthew and me NO LATER THAN 15TH JULY.  The EASA network rules state:

  • Each network must have two convenors based in different institutions and in different countries
  • Convenors should be elected every two years and be in office for no more than four years. Only active members should vote.

We are flexible with requirements as long as the nominee is able to fulfill their responsibilities for the full term. We would like to give junior academics a chance to gain leadership of a professional network and encourage nominations from all.

  • During their term in office, network convenors answer to the EASA Executive Committee, liaising with the EASA Networks Liaison Officer (on the executive) and with EASA’s administrators (NomadIT). Network convenors must keep in regular contact with the Networks Liaison Officer.
  • This sums up the basic duties of the convenors, however they will also have to keep in regular communication with the website and social media team, assist in the organization of the EASA biennial meeting in 2024 (such as the selection and promotion of our dedicated network panel), organize or support the organization of AGENET conference/workshop in 2023 and compile regular network reports or newsletters. It is important that a convenor plans on attending the biennial meeting. 
  • AGENET is a dynamically growing network. Taking up this role offers a great opportunity to build on the current alliances and on-going conversations in order to take our community of practice, and so also the Anthropology of Ageing, into new exciting new directions. 
  • Anyone who is a member of AGENET is eligible to vote, nominate a candidate or to self-nominate. Subscription to AGENET mailing list is sufficient to be considered the AGENET member (you do not have to be a pre-paid member of EASA). 
  • Please send your nomination to us both: and 
  • Please include the nominee’s (or your) title, affiliation, and country as well as contact information + 150-word candidate presentation (including what your plans as the AGENET co-convenor would be) 

If we have fewer than two nominees, Matthew and I will respond to the network to see if one or both of us should continue for the time being (convenors can remain in the role for up to four years). If we have more than two eligible nominees, we will not hold elections, but assume that all these nominees will receive the confidence of the group. While most networks have two convenors, several have more (3-6). In the latter case, at least one of the convenors is from a country different than that where the rest of the convenors come from.   

AGENET WEBSITE EDITOR – Call for self-nominations

  • Our new and shiny website has been up since August 2021 and even hit the record of 450 visits/260 visitors per day! We are now looking for new website editors who would join or replace Swetlana Torno and Barbara Pieta in this role. No previous experience in WordPress is needed- we will guide you through it! Web editing  is a rewarding and fun role, and WordPress is quite easy and intuitive. If interested, please get in touch by 15th July!

 AGENET SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATORS – Call for self-nominations

  • Our Facebook page is up and running for almost four years now, with 125 members now on board. We are looking for new members to support or replace the current team of Facebook page coordinators, Amy Clotworthy and Barbara. Anyone interested in joining us for Facebook, or in setting up and running AGENET Twitter account (or others), give us a shout, by 15th July! 

For any questions about the aforementioned roles, please feel free to contact me or Matthew at any time. Thank you and hope that you are all safe, healthy and well. Take care!

Barbara Pieta and Matthew Lariviere, AGENET Convenors