Wednesday 27.07 at the EASA 2022 – AGENET Guide

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AGENET REUNION – Wednesday 27th July, 17:00-18:45 BST (Belfast time)

The meeting is free, hybrid and open to all, including non-delegates (no need to pay the conference fees!) In Bristol you can join us at: Peter Froggatt Centre (PFC), 03/017. The Zoom link here:

During the meeting, we will summarize the network activities of 2020-2022, welcome the new convenors, discuss plans for the next AGENET Biannual Meeting of 2023 as well as other initiatives to be launched in the next two years. For more info, including the meeting’s agenda, please click here. See you there!

P179 Afterlife counts: the economics and materiality of funerals and dealing with death [AGENET] Session B

Convenors: Alessandro Gusman (University of Turin), Yanti Hoelzchen (University of Tuebingen)
and Sophia Thubauville (Frobenius Institute). Discussant: Isabel Bredenbröker (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Funerals and materially expressed commemoration practices are often the most evident activities death entails. In many regions across the world, they are by far the most important life cycle events. This panel explores the social, economic, political, and material scope of death in its varied ways.

Session B Wednesday 27 July, 9:00-10:45 BST

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Location: Mathematics & Physics Teaching Centre (MAPTC), 0G/005

Robots, ethnographers and care collectives in dementia care: an ethnographic inquiry into the use of pet robots in Danish nursing homes 

Individual paper by Simone Anna Felding (German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE). The paper is part of the panel Digital Transformations and Social Life [Future Anthropologies Network] Session A  

Paper short abstract: Pet robots are widely used in Danish nursing homes and have been since the mid-2000s. In this presentation I will discuss how this futuristic technology and everyday object is embedded in the everyday life of a nursing home for people with dementia and how the robots and I become inseparable.

Wednesday 27 July, 9:00-10:45 BST

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Location: Mathematics & Physics Teaching Centre (MAPTC), 0G/006 

LAB18 A single scene: ethnographic storytelling with smartphone cameras

Convenor: Antonia Gama da Costa (University of Manchester). Discussant: Angela Torresan (University of Manchester)

Have you used your smartphone camera to record short videos while doing fieldwork? What role do they play in your ethnography? This lab explores the multiple ethnographic storytelling capacities of smartphone video-making while inviting participants to do a single-scene film exercise. Participants will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. Please submit this form by 15 July: Conveners will reply by 19 July. Others are welcome to join as active spectators. (Note: The panel is not specifically related to the topic of ageing, but we are mentioning it here for those who appreciated Angela Torresan’s webinar on visual methods in ageing research, organized by AGENET in 2021)

Session A Wednesday 27 July, 9:00-10:45 BST

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Session B Wednesday 27 July, 11:15-13:00 BST

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Location: Peter Froggatt Centre (PFC), 02/009

LAB12 Living with Dementia at the time of COVID-19 Pandemic: Exploring Creative Ethnographies and Collective Exhibitions in a Residential Structure for Elderly People. 

Convenors: Martina Laganà (Università del Piemonte Orientale), Gloria Frisone (Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca) and Maria Virginia Moratti (Università degli Studi di Torino)

The workshop provides a space to develop inclusive forms of participatory action-research that can engage people with dementia. In this experimental ethnography workshop, taking place in a nursing home in Northern Italy, we will work together to reinterpret residents’ life stories in visual forms. As the lab is open to a maximum of 12 participants we invite you to register via this form:

Moreover we invite you to bring pencils and papers.

Wednesday 27 July, 11:15-13:00 BST

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Lanyon Building (LAN), 0G/049

P030 Pandemic, care and ageing. Transformations and challenges in later life care in times of Covid

Convenors: Carlos Chirinos (Rovira i Virgili University) and Ana Lucia Hernández Cordero (University of Zaragoza)

The pandemic has impacted daily care of the elderly, disrupting common spaces and the participation of other social agents. This panel seeks to reflect on how the pandemic has affected the care of older adults in spaces of proximity and belonging.

Wednesday 27 July, 11:15-13:00 BST

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Location: Main Site Tower (MST), 01/003

P169 Long Covid: Future Orientations for Novel Pandemics [Medical Anthropology Europe Network]  Session A

Convenors: Nasima Selim (University of Bayreuth), Hansjörg Dilger (Freie Universität Berlin) and Marcos Freire de Andrade Neves (Freie Universität Berlin)

In the wake of “Long Covid”, the panel explores future orientations and strategies to deal with the novel pandemics, in relation to the uncertain biosocial outcomes and long-term sociopolitical and economic inequalities resulting from the re/current Covid pandemic across the globe.

Session A Wednesday 27 July, 11:15-13:00 BST

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Location: Main Site Tower (MST), 01/003


Film programme 4: Jimmy’s Archive and Rebel Objects 

BLOCK 4 – Min 95                                

Nr. 82 Jimmy’s Archive 25min Robert Deakin & James Watters


Nr. 10 Rebel Objects 70min. Carolina Arias Ortiz

Wednesday 27th July 11:15 – 13:00 BST