WORKSHOP AGENET/ CEHA (Center for Healthy Aging), University of Copenhagen, 18 September, 2019

How to make impact and influence people: Taking the anthropology of ageing beyond the academy

Organizers: Amy Clotworthy (CEHA), Nete Schwennesen (CEHA) and Matthew Lariviere (University of Sheffield)

AGENET members Matthew Lariviere, Amy Clotworthy and Nete Schwennesen had a successful bid for launching an inaugural workshop of the network on “How to make impact and influence people: Taking the anthropology of ageing beyond the academy”, co-sponsored by Copenhagen University Center for Healthy Aging. The workshop was held on 18 September 2019. From the agenda:

The workshop’s objective is to create an opportunity for AGENET members to discuss issues and share experiences related to fostering real-world impact through our engagement with non-academic stakeholders and multidisciplinary researchers. The workshop will provide anthropologists who are involved in research and teaching related to ageing and the life course with the knowledge and skills necessary to better engage non-academic stakeholders as partners in their research and knowledge-exchange processes. An improved partnership with these stakeholders allows us to more effectively translate the insights from our research into real-world applications that can benefit industry, policy, and practice.

Keynote speakers included Professors Janelle Taylor and Daniel López Gómez. The organizers felt it was a success but would like to find ways to include more AGENET members in future workshops by addressing any issues of cost and timing of events.

One result of the workshop was a suggestion that AGENET members could compile their experiences of engaging with non-academic stakeholders and communities of practice in order to create a resource of good practice for students, emerging scholars and other anthropologists new to doing work on aging. While this would be mostly aimed at those interested in partnering with organizations outside academia, we don’t want this to be the only focus of the network and will try to also be inclusive of other academic, intellectual and creative pursuits of our members.