AGENET Guide to RAI Film Festival 2023

This year’s hybrid Royal Anthropological Institute Film Festival (RAIFF) has a strong AGENET presence, with a special panel sponsored by AGENET and VANEASA at the festival’s Online Conference. In the Official Selection, there are also several films on aging, the life course, intergenerational relations and care. Check the AGENET Guide to the RAI Film Festival and see you the festival!

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AVA 2021 Award: Winners and Commendations

The EASA’s Age and Generations Network (AGENET), together with EASA’s Visual Anthropology Network (VANEASA) as well as the Association for Gerontology, Aging and the Life Course (AAGE), joint by the AVA 2021 Organizing Committee and the Board of Judges with great pleasure announce the winners of the inaugural edition of the Ageing and Visual Anthropology Award (AVA 2021 Award).

The Ageing and Visual Anthropology Award (AVA 2021) is for the best anthropological works which through the employment of visual methods address the issues surrounding aging and the life course in creative ways, offering new modes of engagement and understanding. The 2021 edition has been financially sponsored by the EASA funds for Network Activities.

The image is the still from Jón Bjarki Magnússon’s film Half Elf (AVA 2021 Commendation)

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CALL FOR CASE STUDIES – AGENET WORKSHOP on ethnographic research involving people with cognitive impairment

In preparation for our workshop on ethical challenges and solutions in ethnographic research involving older adults living with cognitive impairment, we are inviting researchers to submit a 300-400 words description of a concrete ethical challenge they have encountered during their own ethnographic work with this population. Deadline for case studies submission: 5th November.

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