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The Age and Generations Network (AGENET) is part of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA). We bring together social anthropologists interested in life-course perspectives, multi/inter-generational relationships, later life, and/or other life phases.

This website serves as an exhibition platform and provides resources and space for collaboration to our community of practice and people with lived experience. We invite contributions and offers of collaboration – please check various tabs for details.

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EASA 2022 Conference: apply for AGENET panel sponsorship/badge

If you are planning to submit a panel proposal for the EASA 2022 Conference on a topic related to AGENET interests, consider applying for AGENET panel sponsorship/badge. Send your proposal to the AGENET convenors by 23:59 GMT on 13th January 2022.
The sponsored panel will be identified through the members online vote and will automatically be accepted into the EASA 2022 programme. Both sponsored and badged panels will receive additional advertising support and have the option to publish outputs from their panel on the AGENET website.

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AGENET Slow Conference 2021

In this slow online conference organised by the EASA Age and Generations Network between October and December 2021, we explored new horizons for the anthropology of ageing by reflecting on different forms of intergenerational participation and alternative ways to frame ageing experiences within new social, cultural, political, and technological contexts. We explored different ways of involving various audiences and a wide range of participants. This included discussions on anthropological engagement with new methods (visual, sensorial, digital and play!), in and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

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AVA 2021 Award: Winners and Commendations

The EASA’s Age and Generations Network (AGENET), together with EASA’s Visual Anthropology Network (VANEASA) as well as the Association for Gerontology, Aging and the Life Course (AAGE), joint by the AVA 2021 Organizing Committee and the Board of Judges with great pleasure announce the winners of the inaugural edition of the Ageing and Visual Anthropology Award (AVA 2021 Award).

The Ageing and Visual Anthropology Award (AVA 2021) is for the best anthropological works which through the employment of visual methods address the issues surrounding aging and the life course in creative ways, offering new modes of engagement and understanding. The 2021 edition has been financially sponsored by the EASA funds for Network Activities.

The image is the still from Jón Bjarki Magnússon’s film Half Elf (AVA 2021 Commendation)

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Keynote: Journeys of life, love and death: reflections on “expanded ethnographic” methods of collaboration in an existential field – by Professor Paolo SH Favero

The final week of the AGENET Slow Online Conference will start with the keynote, by Professor Paolo Favero, about the emergent collaborative audio-visual/sensory approaches, and their crucial role in creating ethnographic relations and stories of life, love and death.

With this keynote, the EASA’s Age and Generations Network inaugurates the Ageing and Visual Anthropology Award (AVA) 2021.

The keynote will take place on 29th November (Mon), 4pm CET/ 3pm GMT, Zoom. It is open to all who have registered for the AGENET conference. The conference is free but the registration is required.

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